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Cute Kitten Kitten Kindergarten is an early learn-through-play experience. Naturally, we cover the basics of kitten care. We take advantage of the short but critical socialization period between 7 and 14 weeks of age to build confidence, social skills and good manners. Meeting your kitten's needs, physical and emotional, creates a positive relationship that lasts a lifetime. Training a sit, come and high five are bonus features. Feline specialist, Dr. Niki Hird, is your instructor.

When kittens are between 7 and 14 weeks of age, they are especially open to new experiences and learning. Kitten Kindergarten is designed to take advantage of this critical developmental period and to teach them socialization skills, no-scratch-no-bite play, good pet manners and even tricks, like “high five” and “sit.
Kitten Kindergarten provides a safe, enjoyable learning environment for you and your new pet. You will have fun as you help your kitten develop confidence and teach them how to become a good family member. You will also learn the basics of good kitten care, how to provide an enriched home environment, and how to reduce stress for your pet. You will learn how to understand your cat, meet their physical and emotional needs and begin a rewarding relationship that lasts a lifetime.
Our goals is to provide a safe, structured, rewarding learning experience for you and your new kitten.
You will learn to:
• Recognize and work with normal cat behavior
• Understand your kitten’s unique personality and learning style
• Help your kitten feel safe in new environments
• Read your cat’s face, body and tail language
• Communicate with your kitten
• Create positive socialization opportunities for your kitten
• Reinforce litter box training and scratching post use
• Teach your kitten tricks like, “High 5,” “Come” and “Sit”
• Enjoy no-scratch-no-bite play
• Avoid litter box problems and other common problems

Registration: Class size is limited and advance registration is required.
Call 614-451-4772 or sign-up on site at 1071 Old West Henderson Road.
Tuition: A $25 fee reserves your kitten’s place in class and covers all handouts, materials and your kitten’s class photo. The fee is nonrefundable.
Classes: Classes are Tuesday evening, from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Class size is limited to six kittens each.
All interested family members are welcomed and encouraged to come with their kitten!
Where: West lobby of Northwest Animal Hospital, 1071 Old West Henderson Road, Columbus, Ohio.
Our home page has a web link for a map.
When: New classes begin each month. Call 614-451-4772 for class times or go to our website calendar.

Age: 7 to 14 wks old, at first class
If kiitens are beyond this age, an owner can register and participate without their kitten.
Medical requirements **
Distemper-respiratory vaccine
Rabies vaccine, if old enough
Negative feline leukemia (FeLV) and immunodeficiency virus (FIV) blood tests
MUST be free of upper respiratory infection
** For the health and safety of your kitten and others, no kitten can participate in class without proof of current vaccination, negative FeLV/FIV test, and apparent absence of respiratory disease. Proof of current vaccination and tests can be faxed to 614-451-8999 or brought to the first class.

What to bring:
* Hungry kitten (try skipping dinner)
* Small, soft treats (cat treats, ham, cheese, pieces of shrimp, tuna, etc.)
* Carrier to transport kitten safely

Niki Hird, VMD,
Feline Specialist
Diplomate, ABVP

Niki Hird, veterinarian and feline specialist, lives happily with two charming cats, 11 year-old Maurice and 2 year-old Batty, and her two German Shepherd dogs, Karma and Clover, in Columbus, Ohio.
Dr. Hird graduated from the U of PA School of Veterinary Medicine in 1973. She is one of only 75 veterinarians in the country who is board certified in feline practice.
Dr. Hird was one of the eight veterinarians asked to research and develop the Feline Behavior Guidelines for the American Association of Feline Practitioners. She says of her work, “It seemed time to bring this idea home to Columbus. I hope that pet owners will find it an eye-opening and enjoyable way to bond with their new kittens and begin a lifelong, rewarding relationship.”

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